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Have you ever..

Have you ever felt stuck in your everyday life. Work gym home eat sleep repeat. Have you ever had the nerve to just leave it all and start over in a new state, new job, no friends? Yeah sounds crazy.. I have. But the question is, is the grass really greener on the other side? If you ask me its green where you water it. Meaning life is what you make it.. if you don’t try to make it better it will remain the same. Life is about taking chances so make that move try something new move to the beach or maybe the mountains. Follow your heart, you’ll never know until you at least try. You are never stuck at a job, there are so many jobs out there any where you go, you can always waitressing until you find your calling or another job. Or maybe you did make that move and now your at a new job in a new state with no friends and everyone at your job is miserable and never smiles. How do you maintain your positive vibes when everyone around you wants to drag you down to their miserable level?

You keep your head up and keep smiling. Don’t let them try to dull your sparkle!  Trust me I’ve been there, its not fun at all. To be the outcast in a new work crew, Just because of where your from. How could someone not like you without even speaking to you? I know sounds crazy.. but just remember everyone is going thru stuff you may not have any idea of at home, so treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. If they are still rude well then you don’t want a friend like that, but  you just keep smiling at them, eventually you may warm up to them, IF not then oh well thats their loss.

At the end of the day were all from the same place so no one is better than anyone else. Always remember where you come from and stay humble. Focus all your frustration and disappointment on something you enjoy doing like makeup cooking or the gym. So during your crappy workday just think about your workout routine your going to do after work. Take classes try something you’ve never done (such as Hot yoga) go exploring, start a new hobby. Bumble has a BFF option so u can find new girlfriends in your area. Most importantly use this exploration time to find yourself be happy being alone. Use this time to reinvent yourself to be the best you. Hey you never know what the best you will attract. Positive vibes is always a good look 😉